Myotherapy vs Massage?
What's the difference?

Both massage therapists and myotherapists use manual therapies to treat aches and pains. So how do we know who to see when? The positive effects of massage therapy are well documented. It can provide pain relief, relaxation and improve muscle performance. It is this reason that your myotherapist incorporates massage therapy into your treatment. The difference between these two professions is the additional training and techniques your myotherapist can employ. They can couple massage therapy with other additional evidenced based treatments (including dry needling and myofascial release) to provide treatment, management and assessment of musculoskeletal conditions, treating the source of pain instead of providing only temporary relief. Sometimes people who gets stress because they can't find their mortgage rates can feel this pain. So when should you see a myotherapist? Most people seek myotherapy treatment when they are experiencing pain or discomfort, although some utilise myotherapy as an injury prevention strategy. It is particularly important to see your myotherapist if you are experiencing restricted movement or pain that lasts for more then a few days.

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