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BOUNCE back®

What is the BOUNCE back® program?

The BOUNCE back® program is a highly functional treatment protocol and flexible exercise system designed by Trish Wisbey-Roth and a team of physiotherapists.  The exercises taught in BOUNCE back are very specific and based on the latest research into motor learning and spinal stabilizing muscle function.  The exercise orientated program is supported by science and designed for anyone wanting to improve their core strength and control with exercises built to suit all levels of ability, and fitness, from clients with significant spinal pain to post -surgical patients, to the elite athlete. 

The BOUNCE back ® program typically consists of an 8 week series of one hour classes with specific exercises using only balls and elastic bands to progressively improve your spinal and core strength, co-ordination and balance. This allows you to return with confidence to the activities you enjoy doing or improve the way you do them.

Rebound Sports Physiotherapy is proud to be a pioneer of this fantastic program, as the first clinic in Melbourne and now one of three offering the program. As the news spreads about the benefits and success of the BOUNCE back ® program, we have no doubts that its popularity and availability will continues to grow throughout Australia.

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