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Virtual Consultations (Telehealth)

Virtual Physiotherapy Consultations

For some time now, Rebound Sports Physiotherapy has operated virtual consultations (Telehealth) via Facetime and Skype to assist in the continuity of care for our elite and international athletes. We have found by offering this service, our patients have often achieved better results with amendements to their program more easily made than with a standard set and forget home program. During these difficult times, with many of us confined to our homes, we are now extending these services to anyone who would like to receive treatment without leaving their home. Whether you are sick, self-isolating, immunocompromised or worried about limiting your contact with others, we can provide treatment and advice through these virtual services so you don't have to wait. 

What do virtual consultations involve?

A typical virtual consult will involve an assessment where your physiotherapist will investigate your pain and analyse your movement via video conference. Your physiotherapist will then provide guided manual therapies and self-release as required using the equipment available to you in your home. Re-assessment of your pain and movement will then occur to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment and follow up exercises or self-release techniques will then be prescribed based on the assessment results.

What about the initial consultation for a new patient, can I do this from home?

We do recommend that you book a face-to-face session with your physiotherapist for the first consultation so that your physiotherapist can gain a comprehensive understanding of how your body moves and feels before transferring to virtual consultations. If you are sick, self-isolating, immunocompromised or worried about limiting your contact with others however, please feel free to give us a call and a physiotherapist can screen your injury to determine if it is suitable for virtual consultations without a face-to-face initial consultation - there are a range of situations where this may be appropriate and your physiotherapist is best positioned to determine this.

What if I need a face-to-face appointment. Is it safe?

We have implemented an new health, hygeine and oversease travel policy to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. You can view the specifics of this policy here. Whilst we cannot eliminate all risk, based on the current recommendations provided by the Australian Government, we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety. If it any point we feel it is unsafe to continue, we will not hesitate to take further action to protect your wellbeing and our staff.

Are virtual consultations rebateable?

Medicare, TAC and WorkSafe cover virtual consultations as of 30th March. Your private health insurance may cover the consult depending on your policy limitations. We recommend phoning your health insurance company to find out if they will fund these services. Because there is inconsistency between health insurance companies as to whether these consultations can be claimed under the 500 or 505 codes, we will be unable to process your health insurance through HICAPS. Instead your full consultation amount will need to be paid and we will issue you with an invoice to send to your health insurance company for claims processing. 

Contact us to book your virtual consultation or face-to-face initial consult.