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Ergonomic Setups

Home Office Ergonomic Setup

Rebound Sports Physiotherapy has offered ergonomic setup advice for the office and home for some time as part of our comprehensive physiotherapy services. Poor ergonomic set up can lead to neck pain, low back pain, eye strain, headaches, wrist RSI, shoulder pain and many other bothers or injuries. With many of us now working from the confines of our own home, it is important to consider the setup of our workspace to ensure a safe working environrment.  While your usual workspace in the office may have a desk, chair and computer adjusted to suit your needs, your home set up may not be as safe. Inappropriate desk height, working from the couch or using a laptop can all place you at risk of poor posture and associated injury. In fact, working from home has been indentified as a cause of poor posture in employees.

How can you reduce your risk of injury?

There are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of injury and improve the safety of your home workspace. Simple tips include:

• Place books under your laptop to bring it to your eye level
• Use a second keyboard to keep your hands at the level of the desk
• Break up extended periods of sitting; make or coffee or go for a short walk, not only is this good for your body, but it's good for your mind too!
• Use an adjustable office chair at home which has lumbar (low back) support

How can Rebound Sports Physiotherapy help?

Whilst applying these tips will help minimise the risk of poor posture in the home, individual differences require a working environment tailored to your needs. If you are working from home for extended hours or anticipate working from home for an extended period, a personalied ergonomic assessment of your home set up is the best way to ensure you're not placing yourself at risk. We offer both in person and video chat sessions where our physiotherapists can provide indvidualised assessents and solutions for you available workspace.

To arrange an appointment, or if you have any questions for our team, please contact us using our online booking system, contact form, phone or email.