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Sports Physiotherapy

Who are our physiotherapists?

Our team of Sports Physiotherapists works closely with our practice manager, the renowned Ann Wu, to provide specialised care in both injury management and prevention. For an impressive sixteen years, Ann has worked closely with all levels of AFL. She brings a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the team having furthered her expertise as the head physiotherapist of the Chinese women's national basketball team and in various integral positions of Tennis Australia and the Australian Institute of sport.

Your treatment plan will be developed from a base of expert knowledge and skills in the prevention,
diagnosis and treatment of sporting injuries. Expertise in movement analysis and exercise prescription will fine tune your program to ensure you reach your projected outcomes as quickly and safely as possible.  Whether you are a recreational athlete or elite athlete, our orthopedic physical therapy can treat sports people of all ages and abilities, as teams or individuals.

How can a Sports Physiotherapist help?

• Identifying the problem area and treating οthis directly
• Identifying the causes and predisposing factors
• Providing rehabilitation with physical therapy, following sporting or occupational injuries
• Providing rehabilitation and exercise before and after surgery
• Providing advice on exercise programs
• Optimising your return to sport after injury
• Resolving chronic pain and prevent further injury
• Enhancing sporting performance and sports technique
• Increasing your flexibility, muscle control and strength
• Educating you on how to self-manage your condition
• Cycling mechanics – bike setup
• Creating core stability and strengthening programs

What conditions can a physiotherapist treat?

• Back and neck pain
• Headaches
• Muscle strains
• Joint sprains
• Post-operative care and rehabilitation
• Acute and chronic injuries
• Posture and alignment problems
• Sciatica
• Adolescent and children’s growing pains
• Preventative health – biomechanical analysis of gait

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