Pilates centres around 6 key principles: concentration, control, centre, flow and precision. It is an art of movement that strengthens and conditions. When conducted with frequency and precision, Pilates can improve flexibility, strength, control and endurance. The low load through the joints positions Pilates perfectly as a rehabilitation device to return your body to its pre-injury form.

Our classes are specifically designed to rebuild
your strength whilst you recover. Your first session includes an initial consultation with one of our highly-qualified physiotherapists to develop a treatment plan to best manage and repair your injury. Classes run for 45 minutes and are capped at three per session to ensure personal instruction. Your physiotherapist will guide you through the movements and monitor your form. Classes can be tailored specifically for Post Natal patients.

As a therapeutic aid, these classes can be claimed on Health Insurance.

Please contact us to book an appointment with our Physiotherapist.