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What is Exercise Therapy?

Our virtual exercise therapy sessions draw on a range of rehabilitative techniques including strength & conditioning, functional movement and Pilates. Your physiotherapist will take a full history and conduct an assessment to include or exclude directional based exercises in your program. The result is an exercise program tailored to your clinical needs. Utilising the equipment available to you in your home and guided by your physiotherapist through teleconference, your program will aim to strengthen and lengthen without aggravation of the injury due to the low impact on the hips, knees and back Pilates inspired exercises provide. Our  exercise sessions are more than a generic exercise program, providing you with therapeutic intervention for your musculoskeletal condition.

What is Strength & Conditining?

Strength & conditioning is a form of training that focuses on improving the quality, strength and performance of muscles. Many musculoskeletal conditions result from poor muscle conditioning or control, causing movement dysfunction. We can improve this dysfunction by training the affected muscles or the surrounding supporting muscles, improving strength and control.

What is Functional Movement?

Functional movement is movement that translates to everyday life. This includes movements such as climbing stairs, getting up out of a chair, picking a box up from the ground, etc. Once we have identified the movements that are troublesome in everyday life, we can select functional movements that have similar or the same movement patterns to practice and train the problem areas.

What is Pilates?

Pilates centres around 6 key principles: concentration, control, centre, flow and precision. When conducted within a tailored exercise program, exercises drawn from Pilates can improve flexibility, strength, control and endurance. Many exercises drawn from Pilates are low impact on the joints helping to avoid pain during rehabilitation.

Our Exercise Therapy Sessions

Our exercise sessions are instructed by qualified physiotherapists via teleconferencing with 1:1 guidance. This close, tailored instruction is optimally positioned for rehabilitation or therapeutic intervention of a health condition. Your first session includes an initial consultation with one of our highly-qualified physiotherapists to develop a treatment plan and exercise program. This will be conducted either in person or via teleconference depending on the nature of your injury. Exercise sessions run for 45 minutes and are 1:1 to ensure personal instruction. Your physiotherapist will guide you through the movements and monitor your form. Exercise sessions can be tailored specifically for Post Natal patients.

How can exercise therapy aid recovery?

• Heightening body awareness
• Improving posture, alignment, mobility and flexibility
• Improving core and shoulder stabilisation
• Enhancing body control and balance
• Promoting longer, leaner muscles
• Optimising return to sports after injury
• Resolving chronic pain and prevent further injury
• Providing education on how to self-manage your condition

As a therapeutic aid requiring physical therapy assessment, reassessment, modification and progression, these sessions may be rebateable on Health Insurance if Telehealth coverage is provided. Contact your private health insure for further information on whether you are covered. WorkSafe, TAC and Medicare patients are eligible for Telehealth sessions as of Monday 30th March.

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