Pain from muscle tension and strain is a common condition seen by healthcare professionals such as myotherapists and physiotherapists. The pain and tension can occur as an effect of an injury, or through daily activities and postures. Reflex balls are self-massage tools which utilize the principles of acupuncture, trigger point therapy and massage to maintain the benefits of your therapy session, and help you to continue to work out the problem areas.

The simple, yet effective design, consists of densely packed rubber spines covering the surface of the ball. These spines act to stimulate the sensory organs of the skin, and the massaging action works to promote blood flow to the area. The combination of effects of the reflex ball act to promote healing, as well as reducing tension and pain.

The reflex ball can be used with varying pressure, and can be centered on a single area or rolled to affect a broader area. The size of the ball appropriate for you depends on the area to be treated. For smaller areas, such as the soles of the feet, a 6cm ball will get into the smaller spaces. For larger areas such as the back, a 10cm ball will distribute the pressure, increasing the comfort and the effectiveness of treating the whole area.

When considering the use of a reflex ball, please remember that massage is not appropriate for most acute injuries. You should avoid using the reflex ball over any recent tissue damage, such as a broken bone, a bruise or wound. Care should also be taken with the amount of pressure/depth of massage applied for persons with fragile or brittle bones. If you have any questions regarding the use of a reflex ball, please consult your health professional.

Rebound Sports Physiotherapy stocks Reflex Balls, in both 6cm and 10cm sizes. For more information please contact the clinic on 9417 5470.


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